Buying Car Covers: A Beginner’s Guide

Many car enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars to buy their dream car and spend countless hours detailing it only to have it ruined by the elements. Intense heat from the sun, as well as rain can significantly ruin the paint and overall look of your car. Car covers are a greatly misunderstood auto accessory. Their importance is always being underestimated. Protection from What: You will not get one consistent answer from car enthusiasts pertaining to the need for a car cover. They all have different reasons why they would choose to cover their cars while they are not being used.The type of fabric that is used in the creation of these covers also provides a way for it to breathe, and not trap the moisture inside, which may cause damage to your paint. Using a car cover will protect your car’s paint from fading and other damage from the elements. The garage of the average person is not clean or free of dangers for cars. There are many things that could possibly fall and damage your car while inside the garage. Having a water proof car cover will ease your fear when parking in a garage with many hazards. Other than protecting your car from the dangers of the elements and falling items, the car cover can also protect your car from possible car thieves.

Car thieves will generally target a car that is easily accessible.

They want to steal a car they can get to quickly and not to be seen. With a car cover, thieves will have to remove the cover to even get a look at the car. It would be too time consuming for them to attempt to remove the cover and then steal the car. They will easily be seen by the other people, which is the last thing car thieves want.

Guide to Buying Car Covers

Cars can be expensive to own as well as to buy and a lot of money can be spent on keeping them in good working order so that they perform properly when being driven. Whereas many people will spend thousands of dollars to keep their car looking as good, or even better than on the day they bought it, a surprising number fail to see that a car cover is an excellent investment.It is all very well and good if you take the time to clean any dirt off the car but what about dirt, mud and other debris that lands on your car as others drive on by? The main culprits that cause metal surfaces and fixtures to corrode early on are dirt, moisture and grime. Another way to thoroughly damage and possibly even ruin your car’s paintwork and exterior paneling is to leave it exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun.It helps keep its luster and minimize the frequency of your trips to car wash services. Aside from bird poop, the use of car covers separates your car from the possible forms of damage caused by dust and moisture. However, to make sure that you give your car the right kind of protective cover, a discussion on the types and kinds of car covers is in proper order. If your vehicle is to be indoors most of the time for whatever reason, then you should seriously consider purchasing an indoor car cover to keep it protected from dust and other marks that might damage you paint work. Alternatively, if your car spends most of its time outdoors then you will need to invest in an outdoor cover. Covers for vehicles come in different styles and types.

For indoor vehicles the covers are thinner and lighter which prevents fine dust from getting to the car and also allows the heat generated by the car’s engine to escape. The outdoor covers are much heavier and far more durable to withstand outdoor conditions.Car covers are also customised to fit all car models in existence, so finding the right one for your model of vehicle should not present a problem. Once you have decided that it is a smart idea to invest in a car cover you should bear three important details in mind.

Car Covers Are Really Easy to Find Online, Just Make Sure That You Have Done Some Research First

It’s a commonly known fact that older cars require a little more care than newer cars. Rust is a major problem for old cars and the body work sometimes just needs that extra protection. This is where car covers come in and you should find a huge range of options available to you online.Most of the time, buying items like this online is easy but you will need to take some time to do some research if you want to get yourself a good deal. It’s quite easy to do research online because at least everything is all in one place.

However, have a pen and paper with you so you can make notes.As you browse the web, make a note of prices, products and companies that you find so that you can come back to them later. It may even be an idea to open Notepad on your PC and make a note of the link to the webpage. Either way, making notes about what you’re looking at is important.Research doesn’t usually take that long but it’s worth taking your time so that you can be sure you’re getting yourself the best deal.A lot of the time, people will simply opt for the first car covers or car items that they see and this can sometimes be a huge mistake. Be sure to take some time over your purchase.As long as you take the time to do some research you should find that getting a good deal isn’t as hard as you may have first thought. Just be sure to keep in mind that quality is important so you will need to keep your wits about you and don’t always opt for the cheapest products you can find.Overall, buying car covers or something similar online is really easy as long as you have done your research properly.

Car Cover Prices

There are many factors that go into figuring out the price of car covers. However, regardless of the price of the product, it would cost far less to buy a car cover rather than paying for a new paint job.

Factors that determine the cost:

Factor that will determine how much a car cover will cost is how heavy and durable the material is. The heavy duty materials will generally cost you more money than the light ones. However, they will protect your car better, as well as have a longer life span than the less expensive products.Another major factor that can determine the price of a car cover is the fit of the cover on the car. The typical car cover will not be as expensive as those which are custom made to fit your particular vehicle.


The least expensive car cover will cost you less than $50. This type of product will be the very basic polyester-cotton blend, which is very lightweight. Even though this will provide you adequate protection, it is not as durable as the ones that are heavy-duty.The heavier polyester-cotton blend materials are the ones that most car enthusiasts prefer to use. They are soft, yet provide superior protection and have a much longer lifespan than the inexpensive products. The ready-fit covers of this brand will generally cost you a little over $100, with the custom made products costing $150 to $200.The most expensive types of car covers are the ones made of heavy duty acrylic. This material is exceptionally strong, as well as longer lasting, and gives your car superior protection from sun damage. The ready fit products made from this material can cost as much as $200, with the custom fit products costing over $250.

How To Select Apt Automobile Seat Covers

Who would not like to maintain his or her car in the showroom condition? Every automobile owner takes pride in his or her automobile. Car owners ensure that they adhere to service and maintenance schedules in order to optimize the performance and looks of the car. Over a period, an automobile endures wear and tear. Wear and tear can cause the car to look old. It is essential to take adequate measures to reduce the damage caused to car exteriors and interiors by the regular wear and tear. Car interiors are subject to damage from dust, heat, food spillage, children or pets. One can protect the car seats by using seat covers.There are overwhelming options available to the automobile owners, when it comes to selection of car seat covers. There is no doubt that the looks are one of the crucial determinants of the seat covers however; one must also consider other aspects. Here, are few things that owners must keep in mind, while selecting the automobile seat covers.

Fabric: There is a wide variety of fabrics available for seat covers. One can choose from cotton, leather, sheepskin, acrylic fur, neoprene, fur or vinyl. Design and color of the cover is a matter of personal taste. The chosen fabric should be capable of adding style and comfort to the car. Many covers may be attractive to look at however; they may not offer comfort or utility to the passengers. Car owners who drive in torrid weather should opt for cotton covers.

Custom design: It is best to purchase custom-made design. The benefit of custom cut covers is that they are designed to fit the seats snugly. Extremely tight covers can damage the seats. Over sized seat covers, will be unable to protect the seats from dust, dirt and spillage. One may spend an additional amount in buying a custom cut automobile seat cover; however, it is worth the investment.

Easy maintenance: One must buy covers that are easy to maintain. Commonly available car covers are easily washable. Some of them may require dry cleaning. Leather seats can be cleaned using over the counter soluble detergents. Nobody would want to spend considerable chunk of the day trying to clean an automobile seat cover. Always refer to the instruction manual for cleaning of the covers.One must always shop around for price before making the final decision. Shopping around always helps in getting the best deal on the product.

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